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5 Simple Ways to Tell If an Egg Is Bad

5 Simple Ways to Tell If an Egg Is Good or Bad

5 Simple Ways to Tell If an Egg Is Bad

There are many things that we can do to help us know what an egg is like before we ever open it. One of those things is to look at the yolk. The yolk should be clear, white and if you have a green colored egg it could be a little bit trickier to determine if it’s good or bad.

To test the yolk you simply need to grab a fork and move it slightly towards the middle of the egg. If it turns white quickly and there is no stringy mess then the egg is good. It is also important to keep in mind that an egg may turn black if you don’t clean it properly. So to avoid any stains or problems you will want to rub the egg with a spoon after you have removed it from the pan. Be sure not to put too much pressure on the egg, because you don’t want to spill the yolk out onto your spoon.

Another thing you can look at is how the yolk feels. If the egg has an incredibly soft texture and doesn’t feel heavy at all then it is definitely safe to eat. The egg should be able to hold its shape well and there shouldn’t be any cracking or hardness. If the egg is hard and has a tough feel to it then it is definitely not something you want to be consuming. You should avoid this type of egg.

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Another test that you can try is to stick your finger in the middle of the egg and hold it there for about two minutes. If you feel some resistance then this means that the egg isn’t going to come out with your finger. If it comes out easily then it is probably a healthy egg. Otherwise it is safe to disregard that egg and move onto the next one.

A few other things that are indicators of a bad egg are a slight smell and an oily discharge. An oily discharge is something that you will notice after you are done eating the egg. It is a clear sign that the egg was not properly cooked and the shell has not been removed. A strong odor is also a definite bad egg.

In addition to the signs that I have given you here are a few other simple tests you can do as well. You can rub a cooked egg on your thumb and let it stay there for a bit. If you can taste the egg before you eat it then you probably know it is a bad egg. A cooked egg that still has some texture to it is good, but if it has a very raw feel to it then it is probably a bad egg as well. All of these methods are very easy to do and they all work with just a few eggs so you can rest assured that you will always know if an egg is bad or not.

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