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Simple Techniques on How to Clean and Peel Fruits and Vegetables

Do you need some help in how to wash vegetables? Here are some easy tips to follow that will make the job go faster. Before you start using any kind of cleaner on vegetables, make sure you have cleaned everything else including the spout, drains, drip tray and outlet pipes thoroughly.

To clean your fruits and vegetable with the vinegar spray technique, you will need the following things: white vinegar, cold water, spray bottle, gloves, washing gloves and washed utensils. Fill a large spray bottle with white vinegar and mist the surface of every vegetable or fruit thoroughly. Let the covered produce sit for at least thirty minutes.

Then, use your wet hands or a potato scrubbing glove to scrub the vinegar thoroughly. Rinse well to remove any residue that may be left behind. Then, rinse again and let stand for another thirty minutes. In the soaking method, fruits and vegetables are pretreated with a solution of one teaspoon of bleach and one cup of cold water in the span of twenty-four hours.

The washing fresh produce in the hot water method is a bit more intensive. However, it also guarantees thorough cleansing of the produce. You have to use hot water to pour the hot water over the fruits and vegetables then dip them into the cloth. The cloth should be slightly damp but not wet. You may also use a paper towel or a scrubbing glove while washing fresh produce.

The second technique in how to clean and peel fruits is the cold running water spray method. It is also known as the rotary scrub technique. Cold running water is poured on the fruits and then they are left to dry for about an hour. They need to be air dried before eating. Then, a citrus solvent is rubbed on the surface and removed with a stiff brush. This solution helps in removing the brown spots from the fruits.

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The third technique in how to clean and peel fruits is the spray method. It also involves dipping the produce in cold running water and spraying them to remove the dust. The sprayed vegetables are allowed to dry completely before using. With these methods in learning how to clean and peel fruits and vegetables, you will be assured of fresher and tastier fruits and vegetables every time you cook or serve them to your family and guests.

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